One Day in Chicago

a7R + Olympus H.Zuiko 24mm f/2.8 + Aurora HDR Pro


Marimo charging his solar cells

a7R + Rollei-HFT Planar 1.8/50

About 10 a.m. every morning, Marimo leaves the cat bed on my desk and goes upstairs to bathe in the sun. An average adult cat has about 300,000-500,000 solar cells scattered over its skin. Cats prefer to charge them to the full capacity each day because they need electricity for a number of purposes, such as sending and receiving signals through the whiskers, lighting up the eyes in the dark, and sharing extra warmth with their kins. Recently, a team of Russian scientists reported that some aged cats, especially when feeling ignored, can produce a short-range electromagnetic pulse (EMP) powerful enough to disrupt any electronic gadg

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